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Oh, Hello

Well. Hello, Loves. It’s been a minute. Honestly, I’ve sat in this very position, upright in my bed, getting ready to write numerous times.  I’ve had so much to say, but zero focus and zero time. Ehhh, that might be a lie.  I think maybe the opposite is true.  I’ve had nothing to say. I’ve… Continue reading Oh, Hello

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I’m tired. And I know that this goes for all of us. I see it and feel it all over everyone. We’re sick more often and tired all the time. Our energy stores are empty and our capacity for patience is topped. Trent is really feeling tired since his experience with the pleural effusion from a few… Continue reading Post-Thanksgiving

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CANNABIS – An Answer

***UPDATE. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR MORE INFORMATION*** I asked for a real live answer.  Here it is. So I’ve had a really rough couple of days.  I feel lost. I feel hurt. I feel angry. I feel tired. I feel like right now, as I write this my brain is the clearest it’s been… Continue reading CANNABIS – An Answer

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Hospital Sleep aka How to Solve This Pesky Cancer Problem

Is the worst for everyone involved, but it beats being apart. Because the sleep I get here on my trusty little cot is so uncomfortable, I do less of it. Way less.  And my brain chooses to operate at well above its normal 8% max. Just call me #Limitless.  All of that action going on… Continue reading Hospital Sleep aka How to Solve This Pesky Cancer Problem

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This Is What I Do

I’ll start by making this disclaimer.  While I know that these things are happening to Trent I think that most people who know us know that we are very close and it’s very hard for me not to say “we” and I refuse to let him go through this feeling alone.  So please pardon the… Continue reading This Is What I Do